Water meter disinfection

Water meter disinfection

The solution to germs and microbes in the water meter

Not only since November 2014 when several supraregional Newspapers from Hamburg, Berlin, Augsburg and Munich reported about the infection of brand-new water-meters with pseudomonia bacteria we are aware of the fact that the bacterial contamination of our potable water resp. the “disinfection of drinking-water installations for the removal of bacterial contamination” is a most important issue.

The German Drinking Water Act postulates (§4): “Drinking Water must be such that any damage to human health by its consumption and delight – especially by pathogenic germs – shall be excluded”.

Every six years the water meters in hous-holds are being exchanged. Prior to their delivery the producers make tests of all water-meters on a test-bench with water for calibration and a small residue of this water remains within the body and in the lid. Most of the water-meters then remain on stock of the installation companies for weeks and months. This leads to microbiological contamination.

Therefore water-meters shall be disinfected shortly prior to their installation by water suppliers and/or their installation companies in order to prevent the infiltration of pseudomonia bacterial into the drinking water system. The water-meters shall be disinfected on a daily basis. This is why MainTech Systems together with Mösslein Wassertechnik has developed the water-meter disinfection unit in three sizes:

  • For 2 Pcs. water-meter Qn 2.5
  • For 8 Pcs. water-meter Qn 2.5
  • For 2 Pcs. water-meter Qn 6

Within a few minutes and with only few grips the water-meters are flushed and cleaned with a disinfection solution. After cleaning and being packed they are ready for the transport to the site of installation and for plumbing. So, pseudomonia bacteria do not have any chance anymore!

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water meter disinfection