With regard to the technical use of water, such as boiler supply water, the removal of dissolved agents from the water is usually not enough. Dissolved salts in particular prefer to precipitate as temperatures increase, which can cause problems in the process.

Thanks to significant progress in the membrane development, reverse osmosis treatment has become a sophisticated and efficient procedure for desalination of water.

Our reverse osmosis systems are always designed so that the required quality of the raw water will be guaranteed and will also consume little energy and few resources.The use of energy-saving, low pressure membranes for most applications demonstrates this fact. Moreover, the systems can be configured so that an ideal yield of 80 % or more can be achieved, even in cases of highly salty raw water.

With our reverse osmosis systems, residual conductivity can remain far below 10 µS/cm. Depending on the condition of the raw water condition, the plant configuration or the desired conductivity in the product water, the water may require an additional demineralisation step using additional reverse osmosis, an additional ion-exchange system or electrochemical deionisation.