Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis

Clarifying dissolved substances

Regarding the technical use of water e.g. as boiler feed water, the removal of dissolved agents from the water is usually not enough. Particularly dissolved salts can preferably precipitate at increasing temperatures and thus cause problems in the process.

Thanks to significant progress in the membrane development, reverse osmosis treatment has meanwhile become a sophisticated and efficient procedure for desalination of water.

Our reverse osmosis plants are always designed in such a way that on the one hand the required raw water quality is guaranteed but also operate with low energy and resource consumption on the other. This is shown by the fact that in most applications energy-saving low pressure membranes are used. Moreover, the systems can be configured in such a way that an optimal yield of 80 % and more is reached – even in case of very saline raw water.

With our reverse osmosis systems residual conductivities of far below 10 µS/cm are possible. However, depending on the raw water condition, the plant configuration or the desired conductivity in the product water, an extra final water demineralization via an additional reverse osmosis step, ion-exchanger or an electrochemical deionization might be necessary.

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