Industry – process engineering & plants

Mind and hands for plant construction

Plant construction is our element! In process and environmental technology, in chemical and process plant engineering, in tank and apparatus construction, in networked industrial technology, that’s where we feel comfortable!

We contribute our decade-long expertise and experience at a centrally located chemical industrial site to planning, construction and service of your products!

Our engineers and technicians will support you in the conceptual design of your plants and components. Basic- and detail engineering, procedural calculations, preparing flow charts and material flow analysis and the dimensioning of equipment are as much part of our service as setup of layout and drawings, construction and detailing of plants, machines and devices, drawing of piping plans and taking into account steel construction including statics. Together with you, we create the necessary production drawings and, if necessary, coordinate details with all relevant approval authorities.

We construct complete plant modules and -components from steel construction with apparatuses, vessels, pumps etc. over entire piping including shut-off and control fittings up to wiring and the suitable switch cabinet.

Our production capacities consist of the following services:

  • Steel construction
  • Tank- and apparatus construction
  • Pipeline construction in carbon- and stainless steel
  • Pipeline construction in plastics
  • Sand- and glass bead blasting
  • Staining
  • Varnishing
  • Insulation
  • E-MSR technologies
  • Switch cabinet construction and wiring
  • Assembly and commissioning

If possible, we assemble and make up your machines, components and plants here in our premises. Then, we dispatch the equipment together with our tools- and construction site containers to your site.

Our trained installation staff assembles your plant (-parts) fully on site up to the official handing-over. If necessary, we will as well – together with you – carry out the commissioning and the test runs. During operation we will place at your disposal service operations including spare parts procurement.

Our premises are located very conveniently in the Rhein-Main area, so that there are many ways to transport our products and plants to your site – these ways are as follows:

  • good road network
  • good rail access on our premises
  • easily accessible waterway connection for shipment on the local river Main
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Contact person:
J├╝rgen Oeser

Head of Industrial Services
+49-6022-81 2218