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MainTech Systems GmbH
Industrie Center Obernburg
63784 Obernburg Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 6022 81.33.66


By car
When coming from Frankfurt or Würzburg (A3)

  • Take the Stockstadt exit via B 469 in the Obernburg direction.
  • Then take the Obernburg-Mitte exit and follow the ICO signs to Gate 4. When you arrive, check in with our site security team.

General information for freight forwarders and courier services

Deliver packages to
63906 Erlenbach, Glanzstoffstraße 1

Please note
to find us using a navigation system, the coordinates are 49° 49,5′ North, 9° 8,9′ East or enter the following address options.

  • Industrie Center Obernburg or
  • Elsenfeld, Glanzstoffstraße or
  • Erlenbach/Main, Glanzstoffstraße or
  • Erlenbach/Main, Mainhausener Straße or
  • Erlenbach/Main, Südstraße
  • Then follow the signpost “ICO” to gate 4

By train
starting from Aschaffenburg (IC- and ICE-stop), take the regional train towards Miltenberg and disembark at the Glanzstoffwerke station next to the ICO site. Then, follow the signs to Gate 4. Please check in with our site security team, when you arrive.

Have a safe trip. We are looking forward to meeting you.