In addition to the supply of conventional electrical power, the ENERGY division handles nearly any existing technology related to energy.

Regardless of whether you need a single switch cabinet or a complex system for the supply with gaseous or liquid media (such as compressed air or superheated steam), we are the right contact for your requirements.

We bring nearly 70 years, of experience in the construction of systems for the chemical industry to the table. We have constructed and installed pipelines and the relevant systems at a variety of standard widths and for a variety of media. Our daily business includes compliance with various directives regarding pressure equipment. No matter whether the pipes are made of steel or plastic, our personnel have the skills and experience to lay your pipes.

Moreover, our range of services includes systems for the conversion and storage of energy. Our Energy Efficiency department has acquired a lot of experience in providing control energy and maintains a large inventory of heat exchangers, process heaters and products for the conversion of power into heat.

By collaborating with various institutions and universities, we have ensured that our customers will receive products and solutions at the highest level of the state of the art.

As energy expenses continue to increase steadily, our objective is to optimise our clients’ energy consumption.

With our knowledge and expertise, we can implement nearly any project and customise it to the customer’s requirements, including electrical systems from just a few kilowatts up to more than 20 megawatts.

Based on your needs, you will tell us how much support we should provide. You can freely choose from our modular systems, from classical engineering including layout and construction of the system to assembly to complete maintenance of system operations.

You can be sure that you will only pay for the services that you actually need.