Energy – Production & Innovation

Efficient supply and use

In addition to the conventional electrical power supply the section ENERGY comprises nearly each of any existing energy-related means.

Independent from whether you need a single switch cabinet or even a complex system for the supply with gaseous or liquid media, such as pressurized air or superheated steam, we are the right contact person for your requirements.

Thanks to nearly 70 years of expertise in plant construction for the chemical industry, we have been constructing and installing pipelines and the relevant systems in any nominal widths for numerous different media.  Working in accordance with pressure equipment directives belongs to our daily business. No matter whether the pipes are of steel or plastic, our skilled and experienced pipelayers “have got the hang of it” and always choose the right pipe bend.

Moreover, systems for energy transformation and -storage, as well, belong to our service range. Especially in the section energy efficiency, thanks to our large portfolio in heat exchangers, process heaters and power-to-heat-products we are strongly represented in the provision of control energy.

By cooperations with various institutions and universities we ensure that our customers will receive still in future products and solutions at the newest state-of-the-art.

In times of steadily increasing energy costs our target lies in the optimization of our clients’ energy balances.

Starting from the simple electrical flow tubes of systems with the capacity of only just some kW up to systems with more than 20 MW, with our know-how and expertise, we are able to realize nearly any task individually on our customers’ requirements.

In this, you decide, according to your needs, how much support you’ll receive from us.  From classical engineering, with layout and construction of systems, via plant construction, assembly up to allover service of system operation, you can freely choose out of our modular system.

So you can be sure that you only pay for service you actually need.

Contact person:
Jan Duschek
Key Account Manager Industrial Plants
+49-6022-81 2456