Pipeline construction

Pipeline construction

Creating qualified connections

In order to ensure the provision of production machines and the required media at any time, a safe and reliable inlet- and supply concept is required.

Pipeline construction for us means not only piping from A to B, but we consider it a foundation stone for a secure production.

Due to the long-time expertise out of having already laid hundreds of kilometers of pipelines, from the smallest diameters for compressed air and acids through to nominal widths of over 2 meters for exhaust air lines, our employees ensure a smooth supply of your machine park.

Sophisticated support- and insulation concepts ensure that the durability and cost-effectiveness of your investments will be considerably increased.

Independent from whether you require a lay-out of single- or double-walled stainless steel, plastic- or steel pipes (optionally rubberized or with PTFE coating inside), above or below the earth’s surface, we are always the right partner at your side.

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