MainTech Systems has its own engineering office which provides long-term experience in conception, development and construction of spinning systems and special machinery.

The Water and Energy departments are also important divisions for MainTech Systems, with each department providing solutions for the provision of potable water and wastewater drainage, in the case of water, and for boiler usage, in the case of energy. MainTech’s customers greatly appreciate the Engineering Office’s ability to combine MainTech Systems’ planning expertise with both production and assembly capacity and with the company’s maintenance knowledge Our engineering services include:

  • developing concepts
  • creating process flow charts, balancing mass and energy including material data
  • dimensioning machinery and equipment
  • providing technical specifications
  • planning projects for electronic instrumentation, control systems and automation technology
  • aiding and realising trials in technical laboratories
  • optimizing processes
  • creating layout designs, construction
  • inventorying plants, machines and equipment
  • designing circulation systems
  • designing steel construction incl. statics
  • analysing risks
  • creating installation schedules
  • writing documentation
  • providing manufacturers’ declarations, respectively with CE-certificates

As a rule, we use the programs Solid Works and AutoCAD when designing construction. Winshell is used for the design and calculation of pressure devices and vessels according to the AD2000 or DIN EN 10445 standards.

Our certified structural engineer uses the R-Stab software. We rely on Solid Works Simulation Professional as a finite component program for testing the stability and deformation characteristics of machine components.