Dosing systems

Dosing systems

Precise dosing for your plant

An important feature of membrane plants is that they are mainly operated without use of chemicals. However, it is not possible to completely do without chemicals. Because either they are indispensable for cleaning purposes or only in this way plant parts respectively -components can be protected.

Adding chemicals is done in general via special dosing units to allow optimum and highly accurate metering of the necessary chemical substances.

Following are some application examples for dosing units:

  • Flocculation dosage for improving the filtration effect in case of ultrafine particles and turbidities
  • Dosing units for ph-value regulation
  • Acid- and caustic dosage for the cleaning of membrane plants
  • Dosing of hardness stabilizers for the protection against scaling due to hardness precipitations on the membrane surface

We select chemical dosages – depending on water analysis and the used materials – very purposefully to ensure a safe and economic operation of the entire plant.

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