A preliminary project for gathering all required data is mandatory as a preparatory measure for automated production lines. Investment and operation costs will be calculated, because they provide important indicators when combined with other business management data, in particular the return on investment value as key figure for the profitability of the systems. Our experienced team of engineers has already successfully projectingplanned and designed many fibre production systems and assumed responsible roles in project management for the smooth completion of those projects.

The scope of delivery in these cases extends from granulate conditioning, granulate supply, degassing, extrusion, spinning components, blowing chambers/pits, drawing zones, application of conditioners and includes spooling processes. These systems are heavily automated and equipped with control and monitoring systems. Your control office can also monitor production. PP, PA, PES, PLS and other polymers can be used as polymers as well.

At this time, some companies simply cannot afford a completely new spinning system with enhanced technology. Even in such cases, we can help you optimise the capacity and the quality of your existing systems. We provide special optimisation routines, which include the following steps.

  • Collection of data from the existing system including dimensions
  • List of all parameters for processes and mechanical systems
  • Analysis of existing components
  • Assessment of the options for increasing capacity
  • Assement of increasing in the speed of production with a drive design
  • Transition to multi-fibre system concepts
  • Estimation of the cost of modifications
  • Analysis of the details of planning and construction
  • Procurement and assembly/construction
  • Activation of the system

Spools with high tension fibres

Drawing panel with spoolers