Membrane technology is the heart of our water treatment systems.

In many application cases, additional treatment measures are not required, such as for water is drawn from deep wells or municipal wastewater systems.

On the other hand, special ingredients or particulate contamination in the raw water place considerable demands on treatment technology. Supplementary treatment measures are necessary in order to avoid irreversible damage to the membrane surfaces and to ensure efficient operation at prescribed raw water qualities.

For example, such special measures may include:

  • drum- and disc filters in case of gross contamination in the raw water
  • candle- and fine filters for pre-treatment which help increase the service life of the membrane systems
  • active carbon filters for the reduction of the amount of chlorine in the water and for the protection of reverse osmosis membranes
  • filter units for the removal of iron and manganese

We use these and other pre-treatment procedures for a technical and economical optimisation of the entire water treatment plant. If necessary, we can also provide this technology as a standalone solution.