Melt spinning systems for technical applications

Melt spinning systems for technical applications

Plants in production scale

In preparation for an automated production line, a preliminary project for gathering all necessary data is mandatory. Investment and operation costs are calculated – they indicate together with other business management data – the return on investment as key figure for the profitability of the systems. Our experienced team of engineers has already been successfully projecting a great number of fiber production facilities and assumed the responsibility in project management for a smooth handling.

Our range of supplies comprises granulate conditioning, granulate supply, degassing, extrusion, spinning component, blowing chamber/pit, drawing zone, application of the conditioner up to the winding. Of course these systems are widely automated and equipped by operating- and monitoring systems. The production can also be monitored from the office. As polymers PP, PA, PES, PLS and other polymers can be used as well.

Some companies simply cannot yet afford a completely new spinning plant with enhanced technology. For this case we are able to help you to optimize the capacity and the quality of already existing plants. For this we offer special optimizing routines with the following steps:

  • Data gathering of the existing plant including dimensions
  • List of all process and mechanical parameters
  • Analysis of existing components
  • Assessing the possibilities for an increase in capacities
  • Increase in velocity and drive concept
  • Transition to “multi-threaded plant concepts”
  • Estimation of modification costs
  • Planning and construction details
  • Procurement and assembly/erection
  • Commissioning

Spools with high tenacity yarns

Draw panel with winders