Based on our many-years of industrial expertise, we plan, construct and assemble systems according to your requirements and specifications, all from one source.

MainTech Systems provides specially trained assembly teams who can install custom as well as off-shelf system components as a single process.

Without bias and independent of any manufacturer, we are able to offer planning services and/or manufacturing and assembly services. This is a direct effect of assuming complete responsibility as the general contractor through to the acceptance of delivery.

Our service consists of the assembly of new systems and machines, pipeline systems, electrical engineering, components of electronic instrumentation and control systems, safety engineering (such as: fire alarm systems, extinguishing, locking systems, and network engineering as well as the relocation of complete production plants). These services are offered in compliance with the DIN EN 1090 standard. Furthermore, the coordination and processing of assembly services is one component of our services, as part of the consideration of all auxiliary and operating materials needed. While we are doing this for you, you can concentrate on your core business needs.

Benefit from the extensive knowledge of our skilled specialists in combination with our specially equipped workshops. We will do everything necessary to ensure reliable handling of your orders and delivery of your orders on schedule.

In order to save time and expense from problems which might arise in the future, your systems can be built at our place of production. You can then accept the system before it is installed at your actual location. The final activation and logging is part of our daily business along with CE certification and documentation.

Safety-conscious work (especially during the production process), professional management of the assembly process and the use of modern assembly equipment are another component of our services. As a result of these efforts ensuring the safety of our workers, the company has earned certification by SCCP for work safety management.

For decades, MainTech Systems has had significant success in the planning and installation of machines and systems. Our long-time experience in the assembly of new systems and the refurbishment of existing plants, will provide you with important support during production and enables us to manage unforeseeable situations. You will be in good hands with us when assembling mission-critical systems on tight schedules.

While we are doing this for you, you can concentrate on your core business needs.