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We live the fascination for water

Water is the element of life! The team of Mainsite Technologies is partner of many companies which study Water in its purest form.

Our skilled team consists of specialists in water treatment processing for any kind of application and defines the necessary components. We as professional company know all requirements of the various procedures. So we are able to provide optimal results for water qualities for man, technology and environment.

In the technical context it doesn’t matter for us whether the raw water comes directly from a source (well-, surface-water, bankfiltrate) or from municipal drinking water networks.

Before the use as feed water respectively vessel water, cooling tower make-up water or process water in the power plant domain, a thorough treatment is inevitable. Especially in water-steam circuits it is known that the technical use could be reduced or even inhibited by dissolved, suspending or undessolved substances.

This is mostly caused by temperature-dependant properties of the substances contained. Therefore, in the steam process the requirements concerning water quality are very high.

We can provide reliable and state-of-the-art water treatment technologies combined with a synchronized processing technology under ecological and economical aspects. This means that harmful substances in water are either stabilized or removed. So on the components indispensable for energy production, deposits and corrosion do not occur in the first place.

Providing cities, communities and regions with drinking water means enormous responsibility. You can be sure to find in Mainsite Technologies specialists, process engineers and all other relevant trades and crafts, all under one roof, to fully solve this challenging task in a professional and reliable way.

We retrofit treatment plants with the newest filter technology, give support in pipeline construction and optimize your facilities with pioneering automation technology. Our service- and maintenance team ensures a smooth and trouble-free operation of your systems. In the section CARE you can find more information about the opportunities your skilled staff can be able to realize. service you actually need.

GWP –The strong German water network

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Manager Water Treatment
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