Technology for the conversion of power to heat was established as part of creating an intelligent power grid and improving the integration of renewable energy generators. The conversion of power to heat means generating heat from electricity.

When electricity consumption peaks and fossil fuel generators must be used to increase available electricity, the load must be increased in order to maintain grid stability. This means that additional devices have to intentionally consume the surplus power from the grid, in order to maintain the security and safety of the power grid and to maintain the demand frequency of 50 Hz.

For instance, the heat generated thereby can be used for the preparation of hot water or for heating systems.

The size of such systems range from small installations generating just a few kilowatts for private use to larger systems for blocks of flats and systems for public utility companies and industrial plants generating electricity above the 10 m,egawatt range.

Due to the increasing share of renewable energy on the market, the economic efficiency of these systems will continue to grow considerably in the near future.