We construct your plants and plant components on your behalf. This means that we provide standard products as well as individually customised solutions at a competitive price.

We are the perfect partner for meeting your requirements, thanks to the long-term experience of our skilled specialists in manufacturing industrial installations and components for special machines as well as frames and machine bases.

Our special technical departments provide services related to:

  • cutting & chipping
  • constructing pipe including a fitter’s shop, steel construction & welding
  • shaping sheet metal and non-metal materials
  • constructing control cabinets
  • installing electronic instrumentation and control systems
  • installing automation technology
  • constructing drives and conveyor systems
  • Treating surfaces with paint, enamel, corrosion protection, pickling & sandblasting

These departments are able to produce complete machines onsite and all from the same source.As specialist welding company complying with the DIN EN ISO 3834-2 standard, MainTech Systems pays special attention to the strict separation of materials and workshops with regard to the production of stainless steel andcarbon steel products. Our employees are highly skilled in the widest variety of fastening and connection types such as welding, threading, compression, clamping and adhesives. We make sure that our welders are regularly tested according to the DIN EN ISO 9606-1 standard. In accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9712 standard, exclusively qualified, independent monitoring organisations are contracted for checking the welding seams and ensuring the highest welding quality for our end products.

Our department specialising in insulating the thermal, cold and sound, characteristics of pipes, containers and machine components uses various insulation materials. Corrosion protection, cleaning and pickling construction components complement our broad range of services and products.

Seamless proof of quality is the highest priority for our company, including the traceability of materials, and manufacturing processes. This includes our process for tracking the rebranding of materials as certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV).

Our ability to react on unforeseeable situations at any time and to meet tight deadlines allows us to meet such problems easily, with a view towards safe operating conditions and producing best quality.

Take advantage of the extensive knowledge that our skilled specialists share with our specially equipped workshops. We will do everything required to ensure reliable handling of your orders and delivery on schedule.