Melt pilot spinning plants

Melt pilot spinning plants nach dem BCF oder POY / FDY / IDY Verfahren

Mainsite Vario Spinning Line®

The complete processing unit Vario Line MVS comprises the following parts: dosing unit for polymers, extrusion unit, spinning unit, falling chute with blower, drawing zone, sizing-/conditioner unit, winding and an air-conditioning unit for air blowing. MVS is a flexible, multifunctional compact spinning line for a large selection of the most various fiber types, fiber titres and polymers.

The spinning unit Mainsite Vario Spinning Line® is more than a research, development or pilot plant. It takes into account all technological aspects of industrially used production lines and is, thus equipped with high-quality production line components. The alignment of four duos facilitates the close-to-production manufacturing of high-performance multi filament fibers out of POY (partially oriented yarn), FDY (fully oriented yarn) and IDY (industrially highly oriented yarn). Thanks to a second interchangeable module a very simple spinning of BCF yarns (carpet yarn,…) is possible.

Main aspect in design is the flexibility of the entire unit in order to produce various kinds of yarns according to the BCF or POY / FDY / IDY procedure. The drawing field is the unit for the use of one, two, three or four duos. For stepwise drawing the drawing field can be moved forwards or backwards. With all four duos IDY yarns of very high strength can be produced.

With a second, moveable or fixed, independent unit BCF yarns with industrial standard can be produced. For the production or development of BCF yarns the BCF component is positioned.

The BDF unit applies of course all other components as well, the same way as in the drawing field unit so that no further modifications or refittings are necessary. The yarn quality of the yarns produced by these machine is for both process types, compareable to industrially produced yarns. On the MVS spinning plant can be produced yarns for the textile market and for the technical market as well, besides the BCF yarns for e.g. rug yarns.

Further properties and advantages of the Mainsite Vario Spinning Line®:

The MVS can be used in a temperature range of 200°C bis 400°C – according to the properties of the polymers used. The production capacity of the machine is around 150 t/a and can be adapted on the fiber titre and its necessities. The produces two independent fibers, each of one consists of various threads. The godet velocity can be adjusted to up to 5000 m/min. An automated bobbin change as well as an automatically optimized fiber waste collection system, facilitates to operate the plant with one single operator. The bobbin collection/harvest is done manually.

The important soft- and hardware components, e.g. process control system, pumps and winding units, are supplied by renowned companies with international standard. For this reason spare parts are available over a long period.

A changeover to other polymers and other titers is possible. The Mainsite Vario Spinning Line® is not limited to one single material or one determined process. For process technical changes the line can be quickly adapted to the market’s requirements at affordable prices.

The important heating godets have a heat control for multi-zone induction heating and are activated via a bus. Consequently, the temperature tolerances on the godets are limited to a minimum.

All process parameters are monitored, regulated and controlled in a central process automation controller.

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Variable spinning line for BCF, POY, FDY,IDY yarns