From power to heat

In the course of an intelligent power grid and a better integration of renewable energy producers, the so-called power-to-heat technology has been established. Power-to-heat means the production of heat by using electricity.

In times of current peaks and high feed-in rates from fossil, not yet back-regulated power plants the load has to be increased in order to keep the grid stable. This means that additional consumers have to use the surplus power from the grid purposefully, in order to generate grid security and to maintain the requested frequency of 50 Hz.

The thus generated heat can be used for instance for warm water conditioning or for heating systems.

The sizes of such plants extend from small installations with a capacity of a few kW for private use, over larger plants for blocks of flats, through to plants for public utility companies and industrial plants with capacities of far above 10 MW.

Due to the increasing proportion of renewable energies on the market, the economic efficiency of these plants will continue to grow considerably in the near future.

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