Variable R&D spinning systems

Variable R&D spinning systems

Modular pilot facilities

After the first feasibility studies in research with simple spinning testers, for the next steps in fiber development a spinning machine for experimental purposes is needed. Here rheological data of many different systems of solvents and polymers, corrosive properties of the components and all other key parameters such as pressure and temperature are determined. These, then serve as a basis for the plant layout and design. According to the chosen number of spinning points the “scale-up” character of an experimental plant has to be considered, insofar as possible. Specifically for the right nozzle geometry, heat transition-, flow- and pressure loss calculations as well as respective simulations have to be carried out.

Sufficient material production for a correct sampling is a further criterion in determining the plant capacity.

Meticulously selected, multiple measuring points are well tuned in the automation concept. They thus form a solid base for necessary parameter collection.

The pilot plants installed by us are constructed in a modular structure. So they provide a maximum flexibility in testing various equipment components and in collecting the complete mechanical process parameters

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Wet spinning line with spinning part, washing system, dryer, trio, winding system


Filter for dope and melt


Vacuum degassing by boiling

Spinnbad für BIKO-Anwendung 1-4 Stellen

Spinning part for BiCo-Fibers

Kompaktnassspinnanlage für variable Fadenzahl

Compact wet spinning line for variable fiber quantities