Providing infrastructures

Providing infrastructures

Ancillary plant for your spinning process

For the operation of spinning plants numerous ancillary facilities are necessary. These facilities have to be adjusted meticulously to the requirements of the spinning plant. Outside of industry parks these media are often missing and therefore, have to be generated. These include, for example: various cooling waters, hot water, thermal oil, conditioned air, pressure air, softened and desalinated water, waste water system, exhaust air system etc. The layout and distribution/arrangement of the media in the spinning plant is done according to a repeatedly checked procedure and is adapted on the spinning plant. Because of the use of chemicals a storage in tank facilities or silos is mandatory.  .

Especially for wet spinning processes chemical solvents such as DMF, DMAC, DMSO, NMP or others are used. Often these solvents are mixed with water during the procedure. Upon proof of profitability these can be recovered. For the storage of freshly delivered, recovered pure components as well as for solvent-water mixtures a sufficient number of storage vessels has to be provided. These vessels have to be piped and connected with the production plant as well as with the recovery units. For the tank facility layout, regarding the buffering in case of malfunctions as well as for the filling via tank trucks, we will provide a storage tank concept including balances, pipelines, pumps, heat exchangers and structural conditions according to the framework conditions of your spinning process. If in a plant especially hot flows are handled, we will evaluate a possible profitability of heat recovery.

During many spinning processes polymer-solvent mixtures are used as spinning solution in order to generate specific properties inside the fibers/flat sheets/films. In order to dissolve the polymer in the solvent in the correct ratio, a correct dosage and an efficient mixing system have to be chosen. The formula can be adjusted via a weighing system or via quantitative individual dosage. Very often these mixtures are dissolved homogeneously in stirring tanks or intensive mixers under the influence of temperature. Our long-year expertise in projecting, in the construction and operation of preparation units ensures the best possible homogeneity in the mixing system. The components are brought together, degassed and filtered directly out of the tank facility respectively silo under the lowest tolerances in composition.

For melt spinning polymers are melted in the extruder and transferred into a fluid melt. Here as well correspondent dosages for polymers are needed. Normally these are handled with gravimetric methods meeting the respective dosing accuracy.

The process steps degassing and filtration are basic prerequisites for a successful fiber production.

In most of the fiber production plants the spinning solution has to be degassed, in order to remove nearly invisible small gas bubbles or air-inclusions which have been brought in during stirring in the batch production. There are some different removal processes such as:

  • Batch degassing
  • Degassing with thin-film evaporator
  • Degassing in the extruder
  • Degassing at boiling point
  • Membrane contactor

We can provide practical experiences for the above-mentioned procedures. Regarding its application the various batches are examined. By a technical and economical comparison we will find out the optimal procedure for you.

Without first-class filtration of the solution to be twisted no stable fiber can be produced. Therefore, spinning solution and melt filters have to be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of your plant -individually on the respective pressure, temperature and viscosity. Filtration quality reaches up to 3 µm absolute cut Off.

Used versions are for instance as follows:

  • Individually standing, heated housings for using several filter cartridges
  • Double alignment of the filter housings as exchangeable filter cartridge
  • Quick change-over filter housing with a filter cartridge in multiple alignment, also available as heated version
  • Filter candles, integrated in nozzle housings, widely for the use in hollow fiber nozzles

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