Melt spinning units for geotextiles

Melt spinning units for geotextiles

From recycling material to geo textiles

Today for geo textiles economic recycling material – preferably PET – is used. Before use this material is cleansed, shreddered and pre-dried, filtered and freed from water. The recyclate is heated up in the extruder, de-gassed and filtered before is comes into the spinning pump. The spinning beam the melted material is lead over a roll which can be differently profiled according to the product to be produced.

On this roll the hot fibre thread cools down and is then winded up with or without fleece/fibrous webs.

The line is fully automated. During the product reel change the pad runs into a thread storage or can be harvested with an automatic turret winder.

The line is fully automatically run with a control system and all process parameters are registered in a product data registration system. The plant has a system type Siemens with S7 control.

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3D-Zeichnung fĂĽr oszillierenden Walzenwaagen

3D-Drawing for oscillating drum

Montagearbeiten Mattenproduktion

Erection of a spinning line for geotextiles