Spinning systems & membrane

For each fiber the right solution

Spinning installations – whether it is about pilot plant or production plants – for fabrication of newer or modified fiber – we are the specialists.

As for special high performance fibers – e.g. carbon fibers – we can revert to a wide range of knowledge on design and construction of production plants. This comprises as well production plants of preliminary products – the so-called precursor made of polyacrylonitrile or PAN.

We are developing together with our customer system concepts for various base polymers, adapted to capacity, to the process and other requirements. And this for bi-component fibers, microfine fibers and fibers from renewable resources.

Producing, drawing and winding highly resistant LOY, POY, FOY filaments from PET, PA6, PA66, PP and cellulose is our core competence. We have been significantly involved in the development of numerous successful production procedures for light- and heavy-duty titers and its relevant components.

For surface fiber structures, as used in geotextiles, we have expertise in planning, producing and assembling complete installations from granulate delivery up to the winding systems for your product.

Besides the development, a further focus is on our activities in modernization/upgrading of older procedures. For example the modification from multi step to highly efficient, mono step spinning processes or the increase of production capacity via modernization of draw frame units (multiple occupancy).


In the framework of optimizing projects we detect weak points at production plants and present optimization proposals at low investment costs. These will even result in significant increase of rentability.

The production of fibers for medical applications – e.g. dialysis or for the industrial membrane filtration for water/wastewater treatment are familiar to us.

In this, above all safety, health and environment aspects are fully taken into account.

Medical applications require thorough GMP planning and highest quality in the production of components – of course relevant quality control as well. You can be assured that well trained engineering staff is familiar with required planning basics and the production under state-of-the-art production technologies to supply all components in the required high quality.

Contact person:
Dr. Bernhard Krautwurst

Head of Plant Engineering
+49-6022-81 2694